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About Us

Hi, I’m Shola Lawrence,

Our motto is “Live your dreams. Design your life.”

We women love our “designs!” We love designer jeans, designer shoes, and designer curtains. Why can’t we have a designer life that lets us live our dreams?

Our motto and all the quotes and music on this site are a gift to you today, dear sister, to help you have the designer life you want. Whether you’re a single teen, a great mom and wife or grandmother, an executive officer or aspiring entrepreneur, or a disco diva, we are sure you’ll find a quote, a line, or a thought here that will stick in your motivator and help you live your dreams today.

We are designing women, just like you, with jobs and kids, relationships, and hopes and dreams. We break heals and trip and fall, just like you. We love and sometimes hurt, just like you. And we share quotes from remarkable women and men who were just like us, but did something great with their lives.

Harriet Ward Beecher, a woman battling to end slavery, and firing up a nation with “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” is quoted here. Plutarch, the Roman biographer, is quoted here, as is American President William Howard Taft, and Orison Swett Marden, the American spiritual author of The New Thought Movement.

Ralph Ellison said “The word has the potency to revive and make us free.” We pray the words you read here will set you free too.

We also offer inspiring music to download and walk the road with you. Just click on motivation songs and you can fill your day with the music of Vangelis, Israel Kamakawiwo Ole, Hillsong, Josh Grobin and others.

Someone once said “We feel music with our whole being. It moves us, stimulates our imagination, opens emotions, and can pass language and cultural barriers. It lives on a primal level, one that we all can connect with.”

Have fun on our site, and get inspired. Your dream is worth it!

Blessings, Shola Lawrence

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